Writing frenzy

The end of the school year heralded the commencement of my writing frenzy. After reading almost 50 academic journals it was time to write the section on ASD. After 7 500 words it was time to stop and reflect. Numerous edits were made and I needed to let it go to my Supervisor for feedback. Although satisfied what I had drafted I have omitted a section which will need to be added. No point in relaying this to my supervisor as this can be discussed when we next meet. It is still quite hard to let something you write go off for perusal when you are aware it needs further tweeking. At least my writing over the past year has developed a more richer academic discourse.

Now I need to refresh my mind in preparation for the last summer school. My PowerPoint has been redrafted 4 times now. I have decided that I need not fret as my presentation is to demonstrate to the Course Supervisors that I am well and truly on track, have a working plan and am eager to practise my presentation skills.

This research project is important to me. It aims to address a problem related to the way teacher attitudes can shape the way students diagnosed with ASD are catered for in the mainstream classroom due to a limited understanding of the lifelong condition. A student diagnosed with ASD has great potential to contribute to a mainstream classroom, their peers and their teacher. My youngest son has demonstrated this to me, his peers and educators he has interacted with during 2014. He is my champion as he will now re-enter mainstream full time for the first time in 4 years.

I am safely on the base.


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